Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Stanley Dominates NQE Results

The Grand Challenge results are coming in, and Stanford Racing Team's entry, Stanley, has been dominating the event. Stanley is a modified Volkswagen Touareg with some very strong visualization and navigation software. For lots more information about Stanley, and some awesome animations of how he does what he does, have a look at the Stanford Racing Team's homepage.

He is the only robot to place in the top three on all four runs, and has passed every gate and maneuvered every obstacle on each attempt.

The Stanford Racing Team site has leaked that 10 finalists (including Stanley) have now been chosen, and ten more will be added tomorrow before the event comes to a close. The GrandChallenge.org blog hasn't had an update since Sunday, so hopefully we'll hear something official soon.

Then it's off to the desert for the real race.

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