Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Time for a comeback.

"Mole's face-beamed at the sight of all these objects so dear to him,
and he hurried Rat through the door, lit a lamp in the hall, and took
one glance round his old home. He saw the dust lying thick on
everything, saw the cheerless, deserted look of the long-neglected
house, and its narrow, meagre dimensions, its worn and shabby
contents--and collapsed again on a hall-chair, his nose to his paws.
'O Ratty!' he cried dismally, 'why ever did I do it? Why did I bring
you to this poor, cold little place, on a night like this, when you
might have been at River Bank by this time, toasting your toes before
a blazing fire, with all your own nice things about you!'"

From The Wind in the Willows by Kenneth Grahame

After a long respite, it's time to dust things off and return to work. I feel guilty at how little I accomplished here before retiring, and I feel guiltier still for leaving things so long untidied and untended. But there is work to be done and no amount of guilt about it will get it done any faster, so here we are.

I'll try and update a little bit each day, expect some major changes, included new hosting space, a new layout and design, and even a new title.

For the moment, I'll just pique your curiosity with a question: do you think a modern news sight--especially one about a topic as interactive as robotics--is really adequate unless it has an appropriately valid discussion mechanism?