Friday, October 14, 2005

More Murata Boy Info

More infromation and photographs of the Murata Boy bicycling robot have shown up. They're in Gizmag's article on the subject. There are three low-quality pics included with the article, but two show an earlier version sans-cutesy-casing, which is interesting.

And since it is a slow news day in robotics (aside from the half-dozen print journals that are just now announcing who won the Grand Challenge) you get to see more of the Boy.

Murata's Robot Bicyclist []

The Murata Boy was interesting and drew some attention at the show, but a lot of the trade press recognized it for what it was - a proof of concept work to show off Murata's products. One of the reporters went out of his way to politely take Murata to task a litte, and pointed out that they did almost exactly the same demonstration about 10 years ago.

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