Monday, October 03, 2005

Korea re-invents Teddy Ruxpin

Korea has an ambitious plan to improve its population's English : A robotic teacher.

The new robot, nameless at this time, is a project from the Korea Advanced Intelligent Robot Association aimed at teaching English speech and pronunciation to young students. The robot will tell the students short stories and have them repeat English sentences, then correct their pronunciation.

When put into full production, the whole package is expected to cost under one million won, which is less than US$1,000. For now there is a limited run being conducted, 64 robots should be deployed and tested by the end of 2005.

Supposedly additional software modules to be created later will add mathmatics lessons for older students, and high speed net access might expand the abilities of the robot significantly.

No word yet on whether the robot will look like a possessed stuffed animal and keep the little ones up at night in fear.

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