Saturday, October 01, 2005

Grand Challenge NQE update.

The National Qualifying Event results are being published on the Grand Challenge website as we speak.

The NQE test track consists of several obstacles. The course layout is shown above. The course includes four major obstacles which must be navigated and 50 gates, each of which should be passed through. Finishing bots are ranked based on how many gates they passed correctly, with time deciding any ties in number of gates.

The gold standard right now is held by the Stanford Racing Team, who navigated all four obstacles and cleared all 50 gates in 10 minutes and 31 seconds. In second place is Team Cornell, with 49 gates cleared in 10 minutes 41 seconds. Right now 33 teams have posted a number of passed gates and only 11 have finished, so there are 22 DNFs (did not finish) right now. I don't know if a second run will be performed to thin (or thicken) the ranks to 20, or if they will simply let the DNFs with the most gates advance to fill the remaining slots.

I believe the first run is still underway since there are 8 vehicles listed as DNF with no stats, so I am assuming that those vehicles haven't taken their first run yet. It is possible though that all 8 failed at the starting gate.

The top ten in the rankings right now are:

  1. The Stanford Racing Team

  2. Team Cornell

  3. Desert Buckeyes

  4. Princeton University

  5. Mojávaton

  6. Red Team Too

  7. Red Team

  8. CIMAR

  9. Team TerraMax

  10. Intelligent Vehicle Safety Technologies

I couldn't find a web presence for every team. In the case of the Princeton U team and the IVST team I've simply linked to their Darpa Grand Challenge team info page.

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