Monday, October 10, 2005

Exploring Robots Update

Two news blurbs today about a couple of robotic Indiana Joneses. The first is a reuters article about how a team in Egypt plans to use a small robot to climb up an 20cmx20cm shaft in the cieling of one of the rooms in the Cheops pyramid at Giza. They hope to discover what lies beyond the shafts, which have generated speculation among Egyptologists for years.

Egypt prepares new probe of mystery pyramid shafts

The second is an update about Wagner Technologies' Arturito. We wrote about him here and here when he discovered buried treasure on an island off the coast of Chile a couple weeks ago.

It seems that Wagner Tech have renounced all their rights to the treasure in exchange for an assurance that the Chilean government will donate some of the money to charities. Wagner claims it only wanted the publicity from the find, and doesn't really want the treasure. It feels like there is more to this story than anybody is revealing right now, but hopefully it'll all work out ok in the end.

Wagner Renounces Claim to Chile's Buried Treasure

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