Thursday, September 29, 2005

New Sony Dogs Blog? Old Dogs Lost in Fog?

The new Aibo ERS-7M3 is here (link goes to Japanese Language product page--an English press release is also available).

The upgrade is based on the new "Mind-3" software. And it has provided Aibo with a few new tricks. He's increased his potential vocabulary to over 1,000 words, and the complexity of the words he can understand has been enhanced as well.

Perhaps the most interesting new feature is the Aibo "diary." From what I can tell from the confusing and sometimes hilarious Google translation of the Sony product page, Aibo now keeps a journal and photoblog that you can access with a software system via your home computer. This may even mean that you can open a gateway that lets your dog blog directly onto the internet.

Just think of it! Your dog could blog about his day! Wonderful! He'll write long eloquent posts about how you never play with him anymore, and his eyesight seems to be failing because he can't find that stupid pink ball. He can post stories about how the dachsund next door snubbed him and he will never find true love again. Maybe he'll even add an entry about that time he accidentally walked in on your getting to second base with that girl from the coffee shop! With photos! Won't mom be proud!

All joking aside, the new system has some serious upgrades, and Aibo's ability to read RSS feeds and news to you, understand a whole lot more commands, and provide better feedback on current emotional state and mood are nothing to sneeze at. This little pup will be staying king-of-the-hill for electronic pets for some time yet.

Selling price is 194.25 thousand Yen, or roughly US $1715, so start saving now.

(Best Engrish quote from the translated product page is "Pattern of the ear and the tail differs every individual, is warm it is the commodity which adopts the color taste which is the straw raincoat.")

Special thank you to Akihabara News for the heads up.

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